Bicentennial Backyard

These are photos of a friend of mines backyard.  She and her husband do a lot of that work themselves.  I am not so inclined nor do I have the ability.  And by ability I mean i nave no idea what I am doing and plant the wrong stuff everywhere.  I plant shade plants in the sun and stuff wherever just because I liked it wherever.  While I do have a cool water feature (otherwise known as a lake), my yard is less… well just less.  The fact that I  like to call mine “naturalized” should give you a hint.  Over the last 20 years or so my friend Tonda has transformed a normal suburban yard into an amazing oasis.  Kudos Tonda!  So here is my plug for Delaware… The weather is so good and we have four seasons she can have a beautiful garden here.  Yes FOUR seasons. Really!  It is spring when it should be, summer when it should be and so on.  Big thanks to the Chesapeake Bay, because we typically miss some of the nastiest winter weather.

Dover backyard

Dover backyard

10407424_10204196620775874_1852023475239316675_n 10447402_341680835985316_6071178461686310200_n 10471184_10204103263241994_7672381985782858642_n 10524660_10204196620535868_6768380267767671008_n 10557319_10204182139893861_7675752318384865462_n 10565060_10204207194120201_7477722314660409994_n


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