Chester River Blues

IMG_0126Sooooo… we went crabbing yesterday. Well, not so much crabbing as rowing. Meeting up with friends, we got the turkey necks all in the pots, put all the required beer, libations, and goodies we would need in the cooler, filled it with ice, and off we went to the Chester river. After putting it at ROLF’s, we make it just a few feet from shore and PFFTTTT. No engine. Ugghh! So after rowing back in, we figure (like easy going Delawareans that we are), what the hell. We have good weather, good company, good drinks, and Rolf’s makes a pretty good hot dog. So we stayed on shore, drank a bit, ate a bit and although we had no crab… we had lots of fun! Another “good” day in
The End
Disclaimer:: :::::::
Now it should be stated here quite clearly in the post script, that ROLF’s is actually in Maryland. I know this, and yes, this is a site about Delaware life. But the funny thing about eastern shore its all kind of Delaware life. We live on an Island you see. I know native Delawareans will defiantly cry out, “We do not!”. Beg to differ. Yes, you do. See, you cannot get out of Lower Slower Delaware without crossing a bridge or getting in a boat. Hence island. Yes, the canal is man made, but it still created an island. An eastern Shore island if you will. But I digress. Moral of the story: You can live the Delaware life in Eastern Shore Maryland too!image