Bicentennial Backyard

These are photos of a friend of mines backyard.  She and her husband do a lot of that work themselves.  I am not so inclined nor do I have the ability.  And by ability I mean i nave no idea what I am doing and plant the wrong stuff everywhere.  I plant shade plants in the sun and stuff wherever just because I liked it wherever.  While I do have a cool water feature (otherwise known as a lake), my yard is less… well just less.  The fact that I  like to call mine “naturalized” should give you a hint.  Over the last 20 years or so my friend Tonda has transformed a normal suburban yard into an amazing oasis.  Kudos Tonda!  So here is my plug for Delaware… The weather is so good and we have four seasons she can have a beautiful garden here.  Yes FOUR seasons. Really!  It is spring when it should be, summer when it should be and so on.  Big thanks to the Chesapeake Bay, because we typically miss some of the nastiest winter weather.

Dover backyard

Dover backyard

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Chester River Blues

IMG_0126Sooooo… we went crabbing yesterday. Well, not so much crabbing as rowing. Meeting up with friends, we got the turkey necks all in the pots, put all the required beer, libations, and goodies we would need in the cooler, filled it with ice, and off we went to the Chester river. After putting it at ROLF’s, we make it just a few feet from shore and PFFTTTT. No engine. Ugghh! So after rowing back in, we figure (like easy going Delawareans that we are), what the hell. We have good weather, good company, good drinks, and Rolf’s makes a pretty good hot dog. So we stayed on shore, drank a bit, ate a bit and although we had no crab… we had lots of fun! Another “good” day in
The End
Disclaimer:: :::::::
Now it should be stated here quite clearly in the post script, that ROLF’s is actually in Maryland. I know this, and yes, this is a site about Delaware life. But the funny thing about eastern shore its all kind of Delaware life. We live on an Island you see. I know native Delawareans will defiantly cry out, “We do not!”. Beg to differ. Yes, you do. See, you cannot get out of Lower Slower Delaware without crossing a bridge or getting in a boat. Hence island. Yes, the canal is man made, but it still created an island. An eastern Shore island if you will. But I digress. Moral of the story: You can live the Delaware life in Eastern Shore Maryland too!image

Save the Date for the Odessa Brewfest September 6, 2014 in Delaware

who doesn’t like a beer fest!!??


Beer festivals are known for craft brews, good music, delicious food and great company, but not necessarily beautiful venues. Many beer festivals are held either inside large convention halls or tent-and-asphalt affairs outdoors. The Odessa Brewfest is an opportunity to sample some of the best regional and national craft beers accompanied by great food, great music, and great people. Over 40 breweries are scheduled to attend.

Rich Wagner brings his colonial brewing demonstration to the Odessa Brewfest on Sept. 6, 2014. Image Courtesy of Odessa Brewfest Rich Wagner brings his colonial brewing demonstration to the Odessa Brewfest on Sept. 6, 2014. Image Courtesy of Odessa Brewfest

The 2014 Odessa Brewfest will be in a sprawling grass field overlooking water, surrounded by historical homes, blooming gardens and Delaware historic landmarks. Known in the 1700s as Cantwell’s Bridge, Odessa contains some of the finest examples of 18th and 19th century architecture in the state, including the 1822 Cantwell’s Tavern.

For tickets, information, and an up-to-date list of participating brewers, visit OdessaBrewfest.Com.


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DSCN0152So for my very first blog post I guess I will explain why I want to write about Delaware.   Well, in case it wasn’t obvious, it’s because I live here.  Smack dab in the middle of Delaware to be specific.  The sign that tells you that you are in the geographical center of Delaware is practically spitting distance from my home.  I am originally from Miami and I arrived here via circuitous and significant amount of world travel.  I have lived in no less than 10 different locales both in the US and abroad.  So when people ask me “How did you get from Miami to Delaware?”  (and they always say Delaware in Italics), I simply reply, “I landed here by accident… but I stayed on purpose”.  So that, boys and girls, is in one sentence how I feel about Delaware.  Not a location that was on my list of places to live, work, and play.  As a matter of fact, it wasn’t on any list anywhere.  For anything.  Yet, it’s a place that once you land here, it looks O.K., then over time it looks pretty good.  Then one day you wake up and think, “I really like it here”.   I have thought of leaving many times.  Then I ask myself “why?”.  Delaware really truly has everything.  I actually love it here.  I think NOT being a native Delawarean allows me to appreciate it even more, since born and breds don’t see it for just how incredibly unique it is.  Although it is interesting to note, that while many Delawareans leave to pursue careers and whatnot, a surprising percentage find themselves back here.   The central location, the good weather, the amazing historical town centers, beaches, farms, cities, the people (who are nothing if not mid-westerners on the east coast), and no sales tax!  So with that thought, I shall conclude my first blog.  My goal is to shine a small light on what is an oft forgotten little state with a great way of life!  Not too much light though, we don’t want everyone to move here